Personas who may use the system.


Phil loves to share his life but there aren't many nearby people who understand him. He's generally happy but being a social human has a desire for acceptance and a need for feedback. High definition audio and video equiment can help him in his reflection process, and a small IT system can help him build an online audience and find his place in the world among new friends.

He works a job and isn't particularly happy or unhappy with it. The hours are usually regular but sometimes he needs to clean up a mess. He'd leave but has reasons to remain comfortable, but is increasingly unsatisfied with his rationalizations. His new friends are a great asset, he wishes to maintain contact with them and is exhausted from the ever-changing social network du jour and thinks perhaps he can build a system that works for him.

He's really happy that a former Silicon Valley software engineer hammered together a boilerplate that he found in a ranting comment on Hacker News .

  • Phil is a vlogger *


Beth has been uploading her videos to YouTube for quite a while. She's live streamed a few times recently but unfortunately she received a copyright strike for reviewing a movie with a clip of licensed background music, and her fair use appeal was denied. She's happy to remake the review with a different section of video to remain in compliance, but the live stream ban has hurt her new business plan.

Because she doesn't want to wait for live stream access to be re-enabled, she looked around for an alternative solution and found iSpooge Live, with ready made scripts to help her migrate all of her videos and playlists. It took her a little banging, but she finally got it online. She's good with math and unafraid to get her hands a little dirty with a free software project; they all say code is math, right? (hahaha).

She starts changing the style of the project to meet her preferences and will in time want to customize the video player, perhaps incorporating promoted content from her sponsors.

  • Beth is a YouTuber *


Steve loves to code. It's his escape and passion. He codes at work, he codes at home when he has energy and time. He games a little, but has a dedicated box for that. He makes good money, in fact wishes to minimize her personal need for it and contribute to others. He doesn't know it, but contributing brings such rewards to his life that he'll never be in want of materials. He's got a few friends, and would love to buy his own place and focus on hacking but was raised without a strong leader in his household, and so only ever learned to be an employee.

He's got the tech skills to do whatever he dreams, and people recognize that. They request his services for their own ends, and for much of his life he has fulfilled and request given to him.

  • Steve is a passionate programmer *


Auntie has the trove of family photos and videos on various medium. She's experimented with cloud providers but had some bad experiences. She's savvy enough to keep media in a cool dry place, but doesn't consider that they degrade and need special care given for archiving. Additionally, each family gathering people wish for copies but it's combersome and in some cases she has no device to read the media with the goods on it.

She enlists the help of her nephew to help find a solution to these mounting and recurring issues. She wants something easy to use, maintainable– she can change her own oil for example, but perfers to not to. She'll pay a nominal fee for things when a family member can't help her out, and has the mindset of keeping resources in the family when possible.

  • Auntie is a family matriarch *