Contributing to iSpooge Live

iSpooge Live is a project aims to allow sovereigns to have a platform that plays well with others. This philosophy is reflected in our contributor guidelines. Thanks for considering helping us out.

The lowdown

This project is a personal mission. I'm working toward a 1.0 release and have a development track that I want to lay down.

I want to share the project free, so it's MIT licensed. I may join the social works later. I am happy for communities to develop without my participation, am open to invitations.

Important artifacts

  • – developer documentation
  • doc/ – creator documentation
    • – spoiler: we choose none
    • – friends who think about iSpooge Live
    • – contributors
    • –
    • –
    • –


We assume an 8th grade level English proficiency. Translators welcome.



  • Start with similarities.
  • Show, don't tell–we prefer to communicate via repo activity RSS feeds.
  • Focus on what's been done, connections–avoid speculation and wishing.
  • Time is the enemy, ideas are cheap. (opportunity is where the value is).

eg. I see virtue 1,2,3 of that approach, but based on X,Y,Z I think this approach has merit; check out exhibits A and B.

Making changes

  • Please do not submit pull requests–we'll find your changes if we want them.
  • Emails with a pointer to your repo and proposal to move forward are welcome (expect days of delay).
  • You've already forked off, so we don't need to do anything if we disagree.

Reporting bugs

We use the Eisenhower Matrix approach to classification:

  • Important/Not - This is required for something that should work, eg. regressions
  • Urgent/Not - This is required for something that needs to work NOW, eg. broken builds/blockers.

Please provide your best estimate for time and approach we should use to fix. Often times this will lead to contributing a fix. Being "non-technical" is not reasonable.


  • – add your name when you fork, it'll make it in. I'll add you if we talk.