0:00 Setup

10:00 Preflight

daily broadcasting steps:

  • start up streaming software
  • set metadata on syndicates: twitch, youtube
  • start streaming
  • create event page on site from template
  • add YT video id

livestremaing shows, preflight:

  • hammock driven develop new ideas
  • iterate over yesterday's notes
  • come up with new priorities


48:45 thumbsup because we moved the video in the fresh page. last ~20 min were that

In the markdown place a header # WHATS ISPOOGE LIVE VIDEO; ID is derived from title.

  var el = document.getElementById('whats_ispooge_live_video');
  var newEl = document.getElementById('whats-ispooge-live-video-yt');
  el.parentElement.replaceChild(newEl, el);

56:00 works, confirmed... maybe forgot to remove function declaration before getting excited

1:00 centering video...

"what's ispooge live?" should be self hosted... do transcode

1:17 - deployed updated version




  • emails/calls
    • payment/tip integration
      • we have steemit–produce work for it
      • GNU Taler for cash+anon
  • rss reader app
  • writing
    • presentation updates
      • [x] link what's ispooge live video
      • [ ] transcode video for self host
    • daily broadcasting ops
    • ux tweets from screenshots
  • videojs r&d
    • commercial spots
    • annotated comments