pre-flight meta

went through links

opinion: cuts off what I hammock-driven developed in the morning

feels constraining

eating... intermittent fasting (IF)

xmpp4js testing


soashable overlay

create summary from video + notes

haven't watched twitch / yt startup times

created new hacking panel at bottom right, separate from ideas. also separated ideas from todo.

need to catalog this stuff

1:10 3 way test with ispooge live, twitch, youtube... ispl, twitch close, yt live is on medium so mb faster.

we should get to transcoding soon

talked about tanscoding workload

1:11 slice videos script

1:12:25 record log items idea

working conditions - 90 minutes, moving around

90 minutes is long for a stream... many of my streams are +4 hours

need a better way to keep track of what's in an episode

1:30 roughly, adding date to recent posts. we could cross reference git commits

"in the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." -Suzuki Roshen

Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind." It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would. The term is especially used in the study of Zen Buddhism and Japanese martial arts.

1:35 roughly added date (ux) to ispooge


media session feature for ispooge:

the power of adhd

did YT add it recently?



  • [x] explore JS for SWE skill visuals
  • finish Roles by time visual
  • iSpooge Live product page
    • made ~3m "What's iSpooge Live?" video
    • what is TDC
  • write about testing experience
    • styles... unit: xmpp4js, integration: minikube on travis, DSL
  • glossary
  • write about vlogging experience
  • create ux log: https://harlanji.com/tag/ux.html, https://harlanj.com/ux.xml (RSS)
  • create new ispooge repo
    • POSSE: gitlab and mirror to github


  • SwEng
  • [ ] project details
  • visuals
    • get back up to speed with d3
    • [ ] roles by project over time
    • extract data from html table (to sample model)
    • make chart for extracted data
    • [ ] technologies over time
    • third, for a prominent project
      • favorite cafes in each city... with "is the sun up?" check
      • map demo with solar position overlayed
  • [ ] publish 1 essay 1-3000 words harlanji.com
  • [ ] TInyDC
  • [ ] get glossary together
  • integrate chat moar
  • take off twitter from page
  • make calendar not require google login
  • ops for stream titles
  • [ ] Demo React Native + CLJS App
    • [ ] navigation (react router)
      • add feeds
    • [ ] login (auth0 / passwordless)
      • for voting, etc
      • maintain between page changes
    • [x] integrate into subscription page
      • [ ] packaging shadow-cljs could help by giving us layered/modular builds... but we only have one module now.
  • [ ] expolore monetization



  • MIN 90k total
  • [ ] gardener65k + apprenticeship, then 75k when completed . With liabilities, 7500/mo.
    • add to patreon
  • [ ] affilliate program (eg. amazon, newegg) – probably not.
    • not exctited about selling what I use to build... want to remain impartial/unbiased
  • [ ] steemit est. return. beneficiary is interesting... cashout time.

/// transcode live

  • raspi3 rpi-omx avconv/ffmpeg
    • [x] for now use YT live if mobile
    • [ ] scripting for ffmpeg + nginx-rtmp

[/] TDC live cam (raspi cam 1.3)

  • pipe to ffmpeg / rtmp
    • integrate with home page
    • OR ispooge.com/live switch
      • CORS
  • [x] OR replace home page with short loop