CLJS date parsing behavior with edge case inputs:

dev:uspooge-app.core=> (new js/Date nil)
#inst "1970-01-01T00:00:00.000-00:00"
dev:uspooge-app.core=> (new js/Date "")
#inst "NaN-NaN-NaNTNaN:NaN:NaN.NaN-00:00"
dev:uspooge-app.core=> (new js/Date)
#inst "2018-03-29T18:35:28.244-00:00"
dev:uspooge-app.core=> (new js/Date 0)
#inst "1970-01-01T00:00:00.000-00:00"

Scripting a table in Cryogen

Table can be found by iterating siblings from a known header. This is true as of [markdown-clj ""].

function paintItBlack () {
  var el = document.getElementById('roles_by_project');
  while( el && el.nodeName.toLowerCase() != 'table') {
    el = el.nextSibling;
  if (el) { = 'black'; = 'red';

Run from console via paintItBlack() or via pasting javascript:paintItBlack() in the address bar and navigating.

Can be made general by giving an ID and using CSS.

Interesting selector: document.querySelector('#roles_by_project + table')